It's a risk we're prepared to take.

Rand and Stacy have been friends since kindergarten.

She pushed him into the swimming pool.

I'm not allowed to go to Tal's house.

When I tried to speak to her, I always found myself too shy to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

Huashi would've been proud.

He lost his breath at the sight.

We want the same thing you want.


Norbert is going to help you.

The family has problems, they interest Mr. Holmes.

He's Argentinian.

I cannot afford the time for a vacation.

I love what I'm doing here.

Add 5 and 2, and you get 7.

It's important that I hear this.

Sorry, I hit the send button by accident.

They were attacking people, not peaceful people.

She was advised by him to work harder.

Stock prices were mixed on the Tokyo market today.


Please provide contact details.


Nathaniel is the best runner.

Please give him the message when he comes back.

The king turned out to be naked.


The crowd watched from a safe distance.

I suppose he's gone home.

Everyone is talking about him.

Is that enough for you, Marci?

Thirteen people were injured.

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We must accept the reality.

I want to keep doing this.

How is it written?

Although she is gone, I still love her more than anything.

Have you checked your calculations?

Knut happened to be on the same train as Patty.

He'll never beat me.

You will find the restaurant on your right.

She's only interested in fish and cockroaches.

We just had a talk.

Have you ever seen Ernest when he's angry?

From the moment Jurevis became the boss, she made herself very unpopular with her subordinates.

It's natural to get nervous when a plane takes off.


Margot walked back into the living room.

How much will it cost me?

I am taking French next year.

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He will be in London at this time tomorrow.


I'll never be another Sherlock Holmes.

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Would you mind if I went out with your sister?

I'll only be staying a few days.

If Hsi had been careful, he wouldn't have gotten killed.

Sometimes it seems like his only purpose in life is to make me miserable.

The typhoon accounted for the closing of school.

It's like nothing ever happened.

"Stop begging for a cookie, Tim," his mum said, "Remember, 'Children who ask get skipped.'"

We'll stay here until Monday.

They just want to talk to him.


What were the results of the test?


Why should I even care?


My father is as bald as a billiard ball.

I really need you.

Tell Vick I'm not interested in the car he's trying to sell.

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Don't hesitate to ask if you want anything.


I am fanning myself with a magazine.

Joubert's in there.

He carries on a small business in Osaka.

They walked slowly towards Pete.

I forgot that Barbara spoke French.

The movie was interesting, as I had expected.

My uncle has seen a lot of life.


That's why he got up early.


The press has been hounding the president nonstop about reneging on his promise not to raise taxes.

Her dress is above the knee.

Would you mind telling me what you're doing?


Tandy told Les what he really thought of her.


I met with them today.

It's hard to imagine myself being disabled one day.

Please answer the door.

Thoroughly preparing for a job interview increases the chances of getting the job.

Despite their truth, sayings like "carpe diem", "live for yourself" and "know your worth" have degenerated into cliches for justifying rudeness, oddness, and apathy, at the hands of TV personalities and columnists. That is what is called "educated ignorance".

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Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra.


When we are asleep, bodily functions slow down and body temperature falls.

We debated on the question of world population.

That result was predictable.


Get Collin's attention.

At school, Toby ignored me and pretended that she didn't know me.

Please review the contents and provide any appropriate feedback.

We've made many improvements.

I've never seen a yellow submarine in my life.

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My grandmother loves watching TV.


Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

Gregor and Gunter are gone now.

Pick up that paper there on the floor.

If I were not ill, I would join you.

The new style seems to have caught on this year.

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Are you happy with this?

Sharan wasn't happy about leaving.

His way of thinking is very similar to mine.

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I was stupid.

You seem to be way too busy.

She was taken in by the salesman's smooth manner of talking.

For their honeymoon they took a voyage around the world.

Sumitro would never say anything like that.

Aren't you listening?

The others paid no attention to her warning.

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Japan is ahead of other advanced countries in electronics.


Constellations can be a useful way to help identify positions of stars in the sky.

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You can't help us now.

We're working on that.

Hamilton seldom eats with his family.


Let's assume Shaw is right.


Where were you hoping to visit?

Neal turned over a new leaf when he met Ray.

Heinz passed away three days ago.

I wouldn't object if you wanted to go with her.

Kenton wastes a lot of food.

I don't like it as much as taking care of children.

You kind of look like her.

Sanford often runs errands for Ti.

I just got back from school.

You should avoid Rajesh today if at all possible. He's very mad at you.

Dan didn't even act sick.


Vicky is lying in bed with a cold.

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How do you pronounce this?

We've fixed on starting next Sunday.

I speak the Persian language.

I'm really good with children.

Do you have school today?

Erwin is considered handsome.

As a result of his substance abuse problems, Jock was really down and out until he checked himself into rehab and cleaned up his act.

There's one for you and one for me.

You're the person I've been looking for.


You danced.


Drive slowly.

Everything is political, including growing radishes.

Seen from a spacecraft, the earth looks blue.

Do a little gymnastics!

What can you do for me?

It's an honor.

How well do you know him?


What time do you turn the lights off?

I have no idea of what to do.

Sooner or later, someone has to speak up.

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Is it here?

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A noise aroused me from my sleep.


It was not long before he arrived.

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Most of my friends are guys.

The second term came to an end yesterday.

Where does that leave them?

The Dow plunged 35 points and then bottomed out.

Why not come in and wait here?

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If I forget, please remind me.


"Gee, it sure is boring around here!" "Yeah, you're so boring I could die."

Bud told me that you like to eat spicy food.

That man is dangerous.

I knew you'd be back.

We'll be there in a little while.


I think about this a lot.

Get up at once, or you will miss the 7:00 bus.

I don't recognize the number.